Serve First

For as long as I can remember I have been serving communities for the purpose of creating positive results for people. I am passionate about sharing my skills, knowledge and experience so that everyone can succeed. The more success I see in others the more drive I have to continue.

When I was a teenager I was often found volunteering or helping a lending hand wherever needed. My hometown was small meaning everyone knew each other and from what I saw growing up, our only chance to succeed was to not only know each other but to help each other. My parents were and still are very active in the community so I guess the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree. My initial thoughts were to become a Recreation Director in some fashion so I could organize sports leagues and manage the recreation facilities that people use. After finishing post secondary school I took a job as a counselor at Camp Easter Seals for the Sask. Abilities Council. This was the beginning of my career serving others.

I worked at Easter Seals off and on throughout four summers. I took a one year maternity leave position as a Recreation Director at a Long Term Care facility at the age of 19. Once that was complete my calling took me to the school system where I worked as a Teachers Associate for seven years. (My dad was a school teacher so it was a pretty good fit.) From there I became a support worker in two different organizations. One of those jobs was for two years and the other lasted ten fabulous years. There was one thing in common with each of these positions, I was able to serve others.

Now I have moved on to work for my own company but with the same plan in mind, to serve people so that they can succeed. I now lead, teach and inspire others to find their gift. We are all born with a gift and a purpose. My focus is to help everyone find their gift and give them the skills and tools to share it with the world. We all need to do what warms our hearts. bidsy_podcastIf you would like to hear more about my story simply click on the link above and you will be directed to my podcast interview.