CREATE your vision and message to share.

CONNECT with yourself and others.

RESPECT the process and all those involved.

First and foremost I work on behalf of my community and your community. A strong foundation in any community is really what creates success. By providing both personal and business development along with the proper motivation and team building training, this foundation can be built anywhere. I proudly offer services that build communities through coaching, leadership, team training, public speaking and music services. Over the past ten years I have lead programs, coached and inspired positive changes in the lives of thousands. I believe my compassion to understand your needs will allow me to help you get the results you desire.


Music and Emcee Services

What song is most played on your playlist? How does it make you feel when you hear it?

Playing music has been a passion of mine for over 15 years. Although my mother is and my grandfather was a musician, I never took the time to master an instrument like them. When I first got experience working as DJ I knew that was more my style. Having the option to play all types, styles and genres of music really allows me to connect with a wider range of people.

I have had the pleasure of providing music services in many different areas and at hundreds of events. This list includes schools and graduations, weddings, reunions and family gatherings, clubs and cabarets, corporate parties as well as community events and fundraisers. The fact that music is literally at my fingertips gives me the option to be versatile. My position as a DJ is not to tell everyone what he or she needs to listen to but rather find out what they need and give it to them.

In addition to providing music service, professional public speaking is also something I am proud to offer. Not everyone has the ability to connect with a crowd when speaking in front of a room but I will take that challenge any day of the week. By speaking with the crowd or audience I am able to get them engaged and discover what it is they want. Over the years I have hosted events for thousands of people and not once has anyone thrown tomatoes at the stage. Something I can be proud of.

As one person I can physically be in one location at a time. However, by training and coaching others to provide a great service I can connect with many more all at once. For this reason, I offer a DJ and Professional Emcee Program that teaches others to master these skills. If you or anyone you know would like to learn some new skills and offer a service to their community I have a great option available.

So, now that you know about me, how can I help you? Please contact me by entering your name and email below and we will get a connection started.

Community Building and Fundraising

Would you like to engage the people in your community? Is there a purpose, goal or dream you are trying to achieve?

Building a stronger community is what really drives me. I spend time volunteering, fundraising, hosting events and motivational speaking. It all started growing up in a small town in Saskatchewan called Bengough (pronounced Ben-goff). There I became active in community events as I followed my parents lead. As my community succeeded, so did I.

I have been an active volunteer in Saskatoon with Special Olympics for the past 6 years and counting. Specifically, I coach softball for the Tigers team. Although I started as a coach I knew there was more I could offer so I started fundraising on behalf of the organization. For the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of raising more than $45,000 at an event called Slugfest Charity Slo-pitch. This event will warm your heart, as people not only participate but have an opportunity to meet some of the Special Olympics athletes. Other groups and organizations I have worked with include Kidney Foundation of Canada, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Canadian Transplant Association and Families Fighting Cancer. Bringing everyone together without judgment breaks barriers and brings happiness.

All communities, groups, teams and organizations need leaders. I believe that molding minds early in life is a key to finding leaders so I offer motivational speaking and programming to youth. This may apply to schools or sports teams for example and I do offer support one on one as well. Giving young minds the proper conditioning plus the power to communicate and cooperate truly makes our future brighter.

Do you need someone to kick-start a committee and make difference in the lives of many? I take great pride in organizing successful events, motivating and inspiring others. I want to offer this service to you. If you feel I can help you and your community please enter your contact information below. Together we will build a stronger community.

Corporate Team Building and Leadership

What would it mean for your business to have a high functioning team? What team(s) are you a member of?

My past and present experience as a member of championship teams is something I love to share with the world. My most common experiences growing up were that of sports teams. As I grew older, moved away from home and entered the work force I found new team opportunities. Overall, all teams function highest when they follow one simple principle. That is, mission first, team second and individual third.

In order to have a championship team everyone must have the intention to reach for and achieve a common mission. A mission statement is a brief description that explains the fundamental purpose of a business or organization. It explains why that business exists and what its purpose is. By having all members of the team act accordingly towards the mission statement, its purpose is being met. As a result, all individual’s needs are accounted for.

Is there anything better than having employees that want to come to work and customers that want to work with you? I proudly offer my services to companies for the purpose of building a culture that attracts employees, generates leads and closes offers. Corporate coaching and programming through workshops, seminars and team building activities are my most common forms of service. I am happy to come to your business and work with you on site or help you plan a retreat to get people out of the office. Whatever the plan, we will make it together so that it meets your needs.

If you feel one or more people within your organization can benefit from some additional leadership training I have you covered. Sometimes the best option is not always to get everyone in the same room but rather modify how your current leaders are addressing the team. I have learned from some of the best teachers and leaders in business. All information I have and even some of my contacts will be made available to you.

Do you feel your company, business or organization would benefit from anything I have to offer? If so, please enter your contact information below. Let’s connect and get started on building you a championship team.

Personal Development

Do you have goals, dreams or aspirations that you have not achieved?

This busy world we live in often dictates the way we live our lives but should it?

My friends, clients and those that follow me often tell me I am the most positive person they know. Yes it’s true that I spend each and every day seeking the positive facts of life but it wasn’t always like that for me. To be truthful, there were and still are times when it is very difficult to stay positive. The point is that we acknowledge whatever it is that feels negative, learn from it and make adjustments to correct.

I have spent 18 years of my life supporting people and helping them live healthy physically, emotionally and mentally. My first experience came working with people living with special needs as a camp counselor at Easter Seals for the Saskatchewan Abilities Council. I always liked supporting people but this experience honestly changed my life. Much of my skills and training since then comes from my time as a direct care support worker and home care manager. I take great pride in getting to know people, understanding what it is they want and helping them get it.

My personal development programs will take you on a journey that will help you learn more about yourself and create positive changes in your life. Inside of everyone there is a big powerful person, able to achieve great accomplishments, and I will help you do that. Controlling our thoughts is the first step to finding our true happiness in life.

I owe a great deal of praise to my coaches and mentors, as it is their guidance that has brought me to where I am today. In particular I thank Blair Singer. He helped me believe in myself and overcome any doubts I had. It was his teaching, support and programs that have catapulted me into the leader and teacher that I am today. My service to you comes in both one on one and group coaching.

If you want to become the person that you know you are capable of being, please contact me by entering you information below. If you know of someone that could benefit from a coach please have them connect with me. I know I have a gift in helping people achieve great things and all I want to do is share that gift. Contact me today and let’s get started!